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UWSI provides an education opportunity to take that Unity class you've always wanted to take, but didn't have time for.

Whether you opt for a self-paced class, or join a virtual classroom with students from around the world, you will find these Online Courses with Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI) an enriching experience on your spiritual journey.



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Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE)

The Spiritual Education and Enrichment program offers a wide variety of topics for you to deepen your knowledge and practice of Unity's foundational teachings.

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Spiritual Explorers

The Spiritual Explorers program offers classes on topics that expand beyond Unity teachings. Many are self-paced courses available at any time.

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Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, your path at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI) begins with Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) courses. 

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Program Overview

For over 100 years, Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI) has been offering educational opportunities for those seeking spiritual growth as well as those building a career in ministry. From your first spiritual enrichment class through your entire career in ministry, UWSI has something for you.

See our UWSI Brochure for more information.

Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE)

SEE courses are for adult learners of all kinds who are seeking individual spiritual growth or a deeper understanding of Unity teachings. Live, interactive online courses allow you to build relationships with students from around the world. Self-paced courses are also available to accommodate your busy schedule. 

Licensed Unity Teacher Program

This program is designed to deepen your understanding of Unity principles and enhance your leadership skills. The required Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) courses provide you with the knowlege and skills necessary to be a valuable asset to your church community. The use of the title of Licensed Unity Teacher is granted only to those who are affiliated with a ministry recognized by Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM). See UWM's Licensed Unity Teacher Studies webpage for details on this program.

Ministry and Religious Studies Graduate Program (M&RS)

The first step in the M&RS program is the Spiritual Development component of SEE. The next step in your ministerial educational journey is the M&RS program.  

The M&RS program is designed to build your skills in all aspects of ministry. The online program includes internships where you are mentored by professionals in ministry. This rich learning environment gives you an opportunity to develop relationships that will support you throughout your career. Periodic intensives allow you to hone specific talents in speaking, counseling, prayer and meditation, family systems and youth and adult education. Courses are designed with current content and instructed by ministers with particular expertise in the presented subjects.

Dig in and complete your M&RS education in three years, or opt for a more “leisurely” pace and finish in as many as seven years. Find more information on UWSI M&RS Program webpage.

Continuing Education

After completion of the M&RS program, UWSI offers continuing education to that will feed you and your ministry. Sometimes credentialed leaders feel isolated or desire to continue their learning—possibly even obtaining a master’s in divinity. With the evolving curriculum at UWSI, you will gain the advantage of current research and interaction with your peers assisting you in confidently leading your ministry. See how you can take your leadership skills to a new level on UWSI's Continuing Education webpage.


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