Sacred Soul Circle

Soul Circle
Sacred Soul Circle is a sacred space and creative environment for us to experience Unity through authentic expression, meditation, prayer, music, inspired singing, movement, dance, the arts and whatever medium we feel drawn to express and connect with Divine Oneness.
Come to heal. Come to celebrate. Come to let go. Come to discover. Come to laugh. Come to love. Come to pray. Come to experience Divine Unity that flows through all of us and everything.


Sharla is a musical mystic, sound/vibrational healer, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She leads workshops and events where she combines music, meditation, vibrational therapy, and spiritual guidance to help people discover their authentic voice, connect to Spirit, and return to their natural state of living in Love. It’s her passion to harmonize the diversity found in all races, religions, and cultures through music, community, and unconditional love.