Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future


Here is a short description of this two-day event from the Ministry Wellness Team of Unity Worldwide Ministries, of which our Rev. Phil is a member:

“Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future is an opportunity to view the history of the ministry through the lens of its culture and to discover what might be hidden in the unconscious spaces of its collective mind.  We have discovered that doing this work uncovers what’s hidden and brings clarity and enhanced focus to the ministry.  Having a healthy culture is the biggest predictor there is for success and growth in the future.”

the "prouds" and the "sorries"

ON THE FIRST SATURDAY [Feb 20]:  I will encourage you all to tell the story of your ministry. We will celebrate the accomplishments you’ve had over the years of this ministry (the “prouds”).  We’ll also identify any less-than-successful or hurtful times (the “sorries”) in your past, as well as any unresolved issues from them that might still live in the culture of this spiritual community. 

ON THE SECOND SATURDAY [Mar 20]:  Then, using this collective knowledge, we will create a plan of action to resolve any unhealed issues from the past and get ready for a future of expanded success with your new minister.

 If you consider this ministry to be your spiritual home,
I ask you to make it a priority to join us. 

Please be willing to invest six hours over two Saturdays
in the future of Unity of Tulsa-Midtown. 

Also, if you know of people who no longer attends our Church, please invite them. 
Their input will also be important.

Mark your calendar:  Noon to 3:00p., Saturdays,
February 20 and March 20.
You can participate either by Zoom or in Neal Hall


Please RSVP:  call  [918-749-8833] or email the Church Office to let us know
if you plan to join us in Neal Hall.


Join the workshop via ZOOM!


Handout for the Workshop here.